Disc Jockey Services

And Example DJ Mixes

If you're interested in having a DJ at your event, and you'd like something a little more up-beat and underground than your average top-40, feel free to contact me for a booking.

I have over two decades of experience in music, an audio engineering degree, and play several instruments. All this training ane experience is evident in the way I mix, as I am able to utilize mant elements that ensure the flow continues in a way that will hype your dance floor.

All mixes that I orchestrate are beat-mached and pieced-together so they are either in the same or compliementary pitch, creating a continuity that is generally unmatched by other DJs.

Below are some example mixes I made for other people to enjoy. Feel free to download or stream some of the example mixes to get an idea of the kind of genres I am comfortable playing and the way I piece the music together, to see if it's the type of performance that would be appropriate for your event.

Hustle (Breaks and Techno - 1 Hour 44 Minutes)

Work Dat 4$$ (Booty Breaks - 1 Hour 32 Minutes)

4ustralia (Progressive - 1 Hour 33 Minutes)

Something Beautiful (Progressive - 1 Hour 19 Minutes)

Manifestation (Deep House - 1 Hour 5 Minutes)