Security Cameras

21 January 2020 — Written by Avery

Ever wonder what's happening when you're away?

This is a big deal for a lot of people these days, but thankfully surveillance systems are cheapaer and more effective than ever before, and are constantly becoming exponentially more so.

Today's security cameras are more than just recording devices, they're little computers in their own right - that can be used with dedicated recorders or computers. And, as of this writing, they're producing downright stunning quality video up to 12MP (that's "6K") :

  • Monitor your premises while you're away
  • Be able to produce evidence in the case of burglary
  • Help police find wrong-doers in the community
  • Take fun shots of nature!
  • Detect, record, and notify upon motion
  • Identify people, face shots, and separate from other activity
  • Integrate with your computer systems for editing, post-processing, and positive identification

Note: I design and support both IP camera + VMS or NVR systems and TVI + DVR (analog) systems, including cable, remote power, PTZ, IVS, and ANPR.

If you're interested in obtaining or upgrading a surveillance system, I can help you feel more secure. Whether it's packages on your front door, your car, or the deer that eat your tree blossoms, we can set you up with a good package that suits your needs accurately.