Digging in the dirt

16 January 2020 — Written by Avery

Ever try and dig a 80ft channel by hand? It can leave some blisters, that's for sure. But some things have to be done.

Attics, crawl spaces, spiders, cobwebs, rats, and general filth can all be part of a good day's work.

Conduit Channel 2

Conduit Channel 3

This is the tool I used. You'd be surprised how effective this thing is!

Running Outdoor Cat6 Cable

Nothing like some outdoor direct-burial grade Cat6 cable to connect your buildings together.

Terminating Cat6 Cable with RJ45 Connector

Terminating RJ45 connectors can be a tricky process, it's important to make sure it's done right so the cable will deliver the proper throughput.

Pull-through/flush-cut connectors can work, but I've never seen them work half as well as a traditionally terminated RJ45 connector. That's why gimmicks companies try to sell home users to make terminating easier are dubious.

If you need to expand your network, or have equipment you need installed and configured, I'm happy to help.